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TetraMouse customers are provided with forever customer technical support for the life of the product. This support is transferable and follows the TetraMouse in the event it is sold or given to another person as used equipment (not resold as "new"). TetraLite Products will do its best to provide the best customer support possible in a timely manner. TetraMouse users are encouraged to contact TetraLite Products by email or phone with any questions or comments.

Satisfaction guaranteed! If you are not satisfied with the performance of the TetraMouse you may return it for a full refund (less the original shipping cost, even if the order was "free shipping") within thirty (30) days from the original date of purchase. Return shipping charges or any foreign currency exchange fees or other third party fees are not covered by this guarantee.

Every TetraMouse from model TM05 and up (models TM05, TM06, TM07, TM08, TMXS, TMXA, TMXA2), and every TetraClick ever made, is warranted to be free from defects. If it ever fails or even if it is accidentally damaged, TetraLite Products will replace or repair it free of charge, however, shipping charges are not covered by this warranty and the customer must pay for shipping both ways. This warranty is transferable if the TetraMouse is given, or sold as used equipment, to another person. This warranty does not cover any shipping and handling charges or any PayPal or foreign currency exchange fees.

Other products manufactured by TetraLite Products (other than TetraMouse models) may or may not be covered by their own exclusive guarantees and/or warranties. If you have any questions please contact TetraLite Products.

FREE, No Hassle Repairs or Replacements - The Unbeatable Warranty!
TetraLite products will repair (or replace, if beyond repair) any failed or damaged TetraMouse or TetraClick models. This warranty covers TetraMouse models TM05, TM06, TM07, TM08, TMXS, TMXA, TMXA2, and TetraClick TC01. The only requirement is that the customer pays for shipping. To request a repair, simply ship the TetraMouse or TetraClick back to TetraLite Products at the address on the Contact page and be sure to include a note with your email address and return mailing address. No return authorization number is required, but an email to TetraLite Products letting me know a repair is on the way would be appreciated (but not necessary). Repairs are usually done and ready to return the same day they are received. When repairs are complete, you will be sent an email containing a PayPal link that you use to pay for and inititate the return shipping. Please note that international shipping charges are considerably greater than domestic (US) mailing rates.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much movement is required to operate the TetraMouse?
It takes about 1/8 inch of movement of the joysticks to activate the TetraMouse TMXS functions of pointer movement, clicking and speed control and programming. Since the two joysticks are spaced one inch apart, the total range of movement is about 1.25 inches from side to side and about 1/4 inch up and down. The right joystick on the TMXA2 requires very little deflection to begin moving the mouse pointer, which moves faster the farther the joystick is pushed from its center position.

Do I need to install special software or mouse drivers for the TetraMouse?
No, the TetraMouse uses the existing mouse driver already in your computer's operating system. The TetraMouse will work on any computer or other device capable of using a standard USB mouse. You may want to install virtual onscreen keyboard software so you can type text using the TetraMouse. I highly recommend the free Click-N-Type virtual onscreen keyboard from Lake Software. It has many great features and can be customized in different keyboard layouts with the help of the keyboard designer program offered at the same web site. Also, for those who want to re-map any of the TetraMouse functions, I highly recommend the free X-Mouse Button Control program for re-mapping mouse buttons and scroll functions on computers running Windows, or USB Overdrive for the same purpose on Mac/Apple computers.

What is the difference between the TetraMouse models?
Model TMXS provides 8-way pointer movement (up, down, left, right and the four diagonal directions), while the TMXA2 provides movement in virtually any direction like an 'analog' joystick with speed control depending on how far the joystick is pushed away from its center position in the direction of pointer movement. The TMXA2 has user selectable 5- or 8-button functionality to allow disabling some button functions, and selectable 8-way or analog pointer movement. Please see the TMXS Manual and TMXA2 Manual to compare operations and functions in detail.

Can I re-map the TetraMouse functions on a Mac?
Yes. Models TMXS and TMXA2 can perform up to 10 button functions on a Mac. I highly recommend the free USB Overdrive software. With this program you can use the middle button (down push on the left joystick) to allow you to scroll using the right joystick (just like you can on a Windows machine natively within windows having scrollbars). Another downward push (middle button click) and the right joystick reverts to controlling the pointer movement as usual. The USB Overdrive program is capable of remapping all the TetraMouse buttons to other button functions, keyboard functions and application shortcuts. You can download USB Overdrive from http://usboverdrive.com.

Do you have demo units available for trial use?
Sort of -- the TetraMouse comes with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guaranty. If you are not completely satisfied you may return the TetraMouse for a refund of the full purchase price. Shipping and handling charges are not covered by this guaranty, therefore a 30-day trial will cost the total of the shipping charges both ways.

Can I get a discount for quantity purchases?
Because the TetraMouse is priced as low as possible, there are no quantity discounts available.

My question isn't answered here.
Please contact TetraLite Products using the contact information on the Contact page.