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The TetraMouse Mounting System consists of a Clamp Base or Flange Base mounting option, and the Articulated Arm.

The Clamp Base mounts to any flat surface from 1/2" (12mm) to 1-1/2" (38mm) thick, such as a table top. Thinner surfaces may be clamped to using an appropriate size block of wood as a shim. The Clamp Base may also be clamped to tubular objects from 5/8" (16mm) to 1-1/2" (38mm) in diameter.

The Flange Base is a more permanent mounting option. It is secured to a surface using wood screws or machine screws. The wood screws are used to mount to a wood surface with a minimum thickness of 5/8" (16mm). The machine screws can be used to mount to any surface up to 7/8" (23mm) thick, by drilling clearance holes through the surface. Woods screws, machine screws, nuts and washers and a drilling template are provided with the Flange Base.

The Articulated Arm consists of two 1-foot long segments joined with universal connectors that allow infinite variation of position of the TetraMouse.

The plastic parts of the Mounting System are made of non-toxic, recyclable PETG (polyester) plastic. The metal arms are black anodized aluminum. The Mounting System is supplied with a threaded mounting adapter for the TetraMouse, and cable clips to route and hold the USB cable neatly along the arms.

NOTE: When the TetraMouse Mounting System is ordered with a TetraMouse, the threaded adapter (shown in the TetraMouse Manuals as the "Mouse Mounting Stud") is pre-installed on the TetraMouse.

The Mouse Mounting Stud simply screws onto the 1/4", 20 threads per inch threaded stud protruding from the rear of the TetraMouse.

Please refer to the TMXS Manual or the TMXA Manual for instructions on how to set up the TetraMouse Mounting System.

Also see "How to Make the TetraMouse Mounting System Infinitely Adjustable". This document explains how to configure the mounting system to bypass the 10-degree detents on the Universal Joint Clamps for infinite adjustment of the arm positions.

Watch the video "Setting Up the TetraMouse Mounting System" at

TetraMouse Mounting System
TetraMouse Mounting System: $99

Select the Base Style



Comes with wood screws, machine screws, washers, nuts, and drilling template.

Extra Bases and Parts for the Mounting Arm
Extra bases make it easier to move the mounting arm from one computer to another for those using multiple computers. For a longer reach add an extra arm section with an Arm Section Tube and a Universal Joint Assembly.

Extra Flange Base
Extra Clamp Base

Arm Section Tube

Comes with two tube end caps and two cable clips.

Extra Universal Joint Assembly
Features 10-degree detent or infinite position adjustment.