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TetraMouse TMXS and TMXA2 Color Previewer and Order Form


Use the Color Previewer on this page to determine which colors you want for your TetraMouse XS or XA2, then please use the part color selectors in the Order Form at the bottom of this page to select the desired colors for ordering through PayPal.

Note that the color previewer does not automatically select colors for your order.

This previewer shows an older style housing, so the shape of the current model housings are a bit different, but they all have these colors available for the knobs, front, middle and rear sections.

Some browsers, or browser settings, may prevent some of the color swatches (below) from displaying properly in this color previewer.

Recommended browsers are Firefox and Safari. Internet Explorer may not display the color swatches properly.

TetraMouse Color Choice Previewer

Use this color previewer to help you decide on the colors you want, but please note that the colors shown here only approximate the actual colors.

Choose a Knob Color:

Choose a Front Color:

Choose a Middle Color:

Choose a Back Color:


The section between the Middle and Back is always a semi-transparent clear color to allow the status indicator lights to shine through.

JQuery productColorizer by Nik Korablin, nikorablin.com
Once you have decided on the colors you want, you may place your order for the TetraMouse TMXS or TMXA2 below.




TetraMouse Model
Housing Style
Knob Color
Front Color
Middle Color
Rear Color














Please note you must select the colors you want to order in the form on the left, not in the above "Color Previewer".
The Color Previewer (above) DOES NOT select colors for your order!

TetraMouse TMXS Price: $349 (Mounting System not Included)

TetraMouse TMXA2 Price: $449 (Mounting System not Included)

Select the desired TetraMouse model (TMXS or TMXA2) in the first drop-down menu to the left.

Then select the housing style and the part colors you want in each of the drop-down menus.

When you have made all selections, click on the "Add to Cart" button to place your order.

If you want to order more than one TetraMouse with identical options you can adjust the quantity in the shopping cart. If you want different options on multiple TetraMouse models, please add them to your cart one at at time.

If you want to order the TetraMouse Mounting System, go to the
TMMS page to add it to your shopping cart.



Shipping charges are double-checked to make sure you get the best rate.
If my PayPal set-up overcharges you, I will issue a refund for the overcharged amount.
Alternatively, you may contact TetraLite Products to request a PayPal link by email for
the exact amount of your order and shipping charge.

Free shipping on orders shipped within the U.S. for $349 or more.


Orders are shipped EXCLUSIVELY by USPS (United States Postal Service) Priority Mail.

Customers with shipping addresses outside of the USA are responsible for any duties, import taxes and brokerage fees.

Please note you must select the colors you want to order in this order form (left), not in the "Color Previewer" at the top of this page.
The Previewer DOES NOT select colors for your order!









The TetraMouse XS and XA2
models are now
available in four

Oval with Cowl

Oval with Cowl

Oval with No Cowl
Oval with Flat Front

Rectangular with Cowl
Rectangular with Cowl

Rectangular with No Cowl
Rectangular with Flat Front